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“Responsible Automotive Service and Repair”“Responsible Automotive Service and Repair”
The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC
The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC

About The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC

Charley Wilson, Owner, ASE Certified Technician | The Organic Mechanic

Charley Wilson, Owner, ASE Certified Technician

Charley started working on cars at a young age. After 10 years of working and traveling he came to Asheville and earned a degree in Biology from Warren Wilson College. He started up The Organic Mechanic with a jack and a bag of tools in May of 2004. He spends all his free time building a better mousetrap with his wife and son.

Shane Sharkey, Service Manager, Trained Technician

Shane started working on cars when he was 15 years old because his mother was tired of him taking the T.V. apart. In addition to being a Toyota trained technician, Shane has developed the excellent communication skills required to help folks make informed and confident decisions concerning their car. Out of work, he usually can be found with his wife Jennifer checking out the local music scene or hitting the woods with the dogs.

Shane Sharkey, Service Advisor


Charley Wilson, Owner with Kate Vermeer Wilson | The Organic Mechanic

Kate Vermeer Wilson

Kate moved to Asheville from Iowa, and met Charley back in the days before heat and running water. Kate has endured many long hours and late nights at the shop. She even survived a period of living in a pop-up camper inside one of the bays! Realizing he may have discovered the answer to his universe, Charley married Kate. Along with her awesomeness, Kate also has a thriving Rolfing business.

What? You've never heard of Rolfing? Well Check It Out, Brothers and Sisters!

Dutch Edward Wilson

The Spokes Model

Dutch Edward Wilson was born 12/30/10. A product of the cosmos and a fine lineage, he has real star power. (seriously, he's the coolest guy I know) Dutch works hard as the official Organic Mechanic spokes model and enjoys crinkly objects and pureed sweet potatoes in his free time.

Josie the Shop Mop

Josie the Shop Mop

Reader Be Warned: If you throw a stick for her, you are forever doomed. One time is all it takes. She...Won't...Stop. Don't say we didn't warn you!