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The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC
The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC

Welcome to The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC

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Here at The Organic Mechanic we care for the environment, that's why when we built our current facility we went the extra mileā€¦ One of the major contributors to pollution these days is automotive repair shops. When it rains the oil and chemicals that build up (on the ground) over time due to routine maintenance, etc. ends up getting washed into the storm drains and other areas.

When our facility was built we incorporated some of the most "green" friendly technologies to date.

Our facility incorporates:

  • Permeable pavement: reduces the amount of oil that gets washed away
  • Bio-swales: filters stormwater before it enters our rivers or streams
  • Native plants
  • Water infiltration measures, etc.

  • Essentially, stormwater management has been converted into an 'organic machine', educational opportunity, and a landscape amenity.